CranioSacral Therapy

A profoundly relaxing and powerful treatment with the lightest of touch. The practitioner holds a space in which the clothed client is able to let go of deeply held restrictions and tensions within the systems of the body. Various techniques can be used to help free the fascia, improve the flow of the fluids in the central nervous system and free restrictions within the connective tissue allowing the body to realign, promoting better functioning and sometimes releasing long held emotions that occurred at the time of past injury to the body. Generally people report an amazing sense of deep peace, restfulness, well-being, a much calmer nervous system and a feeling of being restored on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


is a course of six treatments focusing on the 91 muscles of the face and neck using very light touch massage. It is also known as 'The Fingertip Facial' and  'Angel's Touch', it uses manual lymphatic drainage and cranial techniques and acupressure points to free the stuck connective tissue to soften expression lines and improve blood and lymph flow. Suitable for men and women this remarkable treatment has clients drifting in and out of an alpha state of relaxation and visible results can be seen after just one session.


The Usui system of natural healing is a Japanese healing art. It is a laying of the hands upon the body and allowing the energy of life flow through the hands to the person being treated. 

REN Bespoke Facials  

REN uses 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. The facial was created by a shiatsu and naturopathic practitioner and incorporates relaxing massage and Japanese tsubo points to tone and lift the underlying muscles releasing tension. I offer a Bespoke facial of 1 hour to suit your skin type. 

A free REN Gift to my first 20 facials booked at Triyoga


Craniosacral Therapy £85 1 hour 

Rejuvanessence® £85 1 hour  

Reiki £85 1 hour

REN Bespoke Facial £95 1 hour

at Triyoga 

Cranio/Reiki £90 hour

Rejuvanessence £100 hour

REN Facial £100 hour



Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm

Friday 9am-11am

Saturday 10-2pm

at The Life Centre 15 Edge Street Notting Hill London W8 7PN

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Fridays 12.30-4.30pm at Triyoga Chelsea 372 King's Road London SW3 5UZ

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