Debra is a very special therapist, integrating great integrity, gentle compassion and remarkable healing powers. I would highly recommend her.

Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood Founder and Director, Cascãd

I cannot recommend Debra highly enough. She is truly gifted. I have highly elevated levels of stress, largely due to PTSD and I can honestly say that during treatment with her, and then at different times in the days that follow, I feel the safest in my body that I've felt since I was a child.  I feel that I can finally relax back into my body.  It's a warm, light feeling, like floating on a cloud while at the same time being grounded. I am a singer and I have suffered with neck pain for a long time. A wonderful result from the sessions, which I wasn't expecting, is that my singing voice feels more free and open-it glides!

Not only is Debra extremely professional, while at the same time being a very compassionate and warm person, she has also provided me with so much helpful advice on exercises that I can do to help my progress.  I feel very lucky to have found her!

Lara . Singer

I started Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in May 2016, because I have bruxism. A painful jaw inflammation condition, due to the clenching of my teeth and jaw, which had also spread to my neck and shoulders causing extreme pain. I also was suffering from pain and stiffness on my left side, especially around my hip and thigh area, due to being hit by a car while crossing the road in 1995. Which I had tried unsuccessfully to get treated through the conventional medicine route to no avail. 

The CST treatment has benefited me by relaxing my facial muscles and body in general. I was also given a series of exercises to follow, which has helped enormously with the intensity of my pain. One year later I now combine CST with yoga therapy which has increased my mobility and flexibility and continued to decrease my pain.

I would now highly recommend CST as a therapy for anyone who wants to balance their system and reduce chronic pain.

Ann Omomowo

I have no hesitation whatever in recommending Debra Morrice. She’s not only a brilliant practitioner, she's also kind and caring. Just walk into her presence and you’ll feel better; then lie back and let her work her magic.
Paula Wilcox  Actress  

Debra Morrice is a very skilled practitioner. She has a warm, welcoming confident manner, which is very comforting. She clearly is very experienced and knowledgable. I don't know HOW she does WHAT she does but it works!

Dava Sagenkahn

The Rejuvanessence treatment Debra offers is priceless for relaxation and easing out the facial muscular patterns and tension into a softer open canvas. A perfect way to wear your age gracefully.

Selina Giles, Actress, Writer, Producer and Model

I am happy to report that I'm feeling more glowy and vital that I have been for a while, and I think I've broken through a really "stuck" phase. I believe the CST has played a major role in this. I can't get over it! It's a huge relief just to know that I can access peace of mind just with a session, and the fact that it seems to be cumulative is even better.

I know it's kind of early to make these kind of pronouncements after 3 sessions, but it's really working for me.

Thank you - I feel really lucky to have discovered you, Debra.

Katie Puckrik, Journalist, Broadcaster & Performer

 What I find amazing about Debra is that she approaches your treatment with deep concentration and listening, feeling for what you need most. I came to her for a bit of relaxation and temporary stress relief but ended up feeling like I was fast-tracked into a lasting sense of clarity and both physical and mental lightness. My last session with her, a combination of a gentle facial massage and craniosacral therapy, was so powerful in having an immediate and profound effect on my general well-being. Highly recommended!

Azra Hodzic , Imperial College

I went to see Debra feeling very unwell, (but specifically wanting to tackle anxiety) and I had an extraordinary experience. After the very first treatment I felt a bit better and with every visit made huge progress. I am not new to cranio and Debra is incredibly gifted. I felt that the treatment was tackling old issues, which had been plaguing my body, while also giving me a great sense of wellbeing. I would recommend having a consultation with Debra for any ailment, complimentary to larger medical issues or if you just need a boost.


I (and my teenage sons) have been going to Debra Morrice for a number of years, for a variety of reasons including a stiff shoulder & neck, numb fingers and just for relaxation! I would highly recommend Debra. She immediately puts you at ease with her friendly and professional manner and her hands have an uncanny way of honing in on the areas which need attention. I have had a mix of massage and cranial, depending on what Debra thinks is most needed, and the results have been striking. I have always noticed an improvement in my symptoms following my treatment. My only regret is that I can't visit Debra more often.

Marie Reynolds, PR professional

I have had monthly Facial massage with Debs for 3 years. Not only my face glows but my whole body feels rejuvenated. Seriously it brings on healing on every level. People always comment on how young I look.

Kahti Goupil, Yoga Teacher

Debra Morrice is an excellent CranioSacral and Rejuvanessence therapist. Her strong massage treatments have greatly relaxed my shoulder and back muscles. Debra is also very reliable at keeping appointments. I recommend her treatments without reservation.

Sir Cyril Taylor GBE

I find Debra's treatments deeply nourishing and healing, not only is she highly skilled but she also has a strong intuition and senses exactly what it is that you need - I highly recommend her as a therapist!

Tanja Mickwitz , Yoga Teacher 

Last year I slipped a disc and could barely move. Through craniosacral therapy and some massage work Debra greatly helped me get back on my feet again. She is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and I tell all my friends to go and see her.

Fiona McKinnon, NHS Diabetic Nurse

I have discovered Debra 3 years ago when I got pregnant and was suffering from severe back ache. She helped me to relieve that pain with both massage and cranial therapy. Since then I see her every week and I am looking forward to my treatment every week. She knows exactly where the tension is in my back before I even tell her. I have had massages before with a multitude of therapists so I believe I can differentiate from the massage which is just plain massage and the ones from Debra where she really gets a good sense of what our body needs. She is very experienced and despite her large knowledge she is always keen to get on new courses to learn more. I highly recommend her.

Karine Ben-Hassine, Mum to twin boys

Debra is a really great CranioSacral and Massage Therapist. She took great care of me before, during and after my pregnancy and I had positive results from all her treatments. After a session with Debra I felt relaxed and refreshed. She knows what she is doing and does it with great skill. I have already and will continue to recommend her to people who are in need of relaxation or are pregnant.

Becca  VK, Rehabilitation Physiotherapist